How to use Tiaki


Open your Tiaki-URL and enter provided username and password. To change login details contact

Set up notification

Screenshot of notification settings menu

Go to notification settings from the main menu.

Enter the email address that should get the alerts. Then enter your phone number with the +47 format (use your country code, i.e +47 for Norway). When you are done click “save settings”.

Add and manage domains

add domain

Click Manage domains from the menu. To add a domain there are 3 inputs.


Select HTTP or HTTPS.


Enter domain. Include sub-domain, i.e: www or blog. If you are adding the root domain, simply enter

Homepage URL

In this field you have to specify home page URL path. Usually /, but for some site you have longer paths i.e /front/index.aspx.

View status for checks


By clicking the drop down icon next to the URL you can see the status of each check.

  • Red = critical error
  • Green = OK

Handle incidents

tiaki overview

When Tiaki detects an incident you will be notified via email and SMS (more options to come). For more information go to your dashboard. Click the “I’m on it”-button to show that you have acknowledged the alert. When you acknowledge the issue it will appear in the “I’m on it” column. When the issue is fixed the alert will automatically disappear and Tiaki will notify you that the problem is resolved. To re-check a issue click the re-check icon next to the alert.

Support and feedback

If you find any bug or have a questions email us at or contact your account manager directly.

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