Check if GTM fired correctly


This test checks the response code for the GET request to the GTM service, and assesses if GTM fired correctly. Anything but a 200 response code indicates issues with implementation of GTM, your GTM account, or both.

Possible status alerts:


  • GTM fired correctly:
    • One or more GET requests all returned a 200.


  • Unexpected GTM container fired incorrectly:
    • Tiaki found at least one surprising GTM container ID which also happens to return a response code other than 200.


  • GTM fired incorrectly:
    • Found 1 GET to GTM service, and response code was not 200.
  • GTM container fired incorrectly (with list of IDs):
    • At least one of expected GTM containers failed to fire correctly, and returned a response code other than 200.
in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager