SEO monitoring

Tiaki has many SEO monitoring features. Working with SEO for many years we have seen all the mistakes and errors that can and will happen over time. How bad did you feel when you found out that your client had bad robots.txt for 3 months? Exactly. That’s what we are fixing with our automated SEO health checks.

Crawlability check

The first rule of SEO is that you can’t rank if Googlebot can’t access and read your content. That’s why we run multiple checks to verify that Googlebot can access your site. We check uptime, robots.txt, noindex, redirects, http header and malware. Just to mention a few. If one of you domains become uncrawlable, Tiaki will alert you.

Robots.txt check

Robots.txt is one of the most important files to not mess up, still it happens too often. We have made checks for everything that can go wrong, so if someone messes up the robots.txt of any of your sites, we will let you know.

See full list of robots.txt checks here.

Meta robots noindex check

Just a simple tag with “noindex” in your header is all that is needed to remove your content from Google. That’s why it’s so important to make sure no important pages are noindexed by mistake.

Redirect check

If your home page has a redirect, that’s usually very bad news. It could be a mistake or maybe you have been hacked. With Tiaki we will let you know if we detect redirects on your home page.

HTTP header check

How often do you check your client HTTP headers? We neither. But Tiaki does. If we find something suspicious in the HTTP we will alert you.

Malware check

Malware is really bad for business and search engine rankings. We check if your domains are blacklisted by Google and notify if you have a blacklisted domain.

More to come

We are working on hundreds of new checks. Do you have a request for a check? Let us know.

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